A little while ago I posted this video on youtube:

And I got many interesting responses including this insightful comment from my friend and mentor Colin:

This is the difference between honour and reputation. A traitor knight has a fine reputation but he has no honour. He cultivates his reputation, which governs all of his actions, which are driven by pride and selfishness. He is secretly wicked, and also godless, since when he performs his wicked acts in secret he believes that no one witnesses them or knows of them. His “chivalry” is a pretense because it is based upon pride and selfishness. A true knight on the other hand has honour, which governs his actions at all times, even when he is alone. For him he walks always in the eyes of God, in service to his King. A true knight cares not for reputation since his honour is paramount. He pursues honour selflessly with humility, courtesy and generosity in his conduct towards others. Stand them side by side, this traitor knight and this true knight, and they look alike. The difference is in the heart. Only the true knight knows he is true. Only the traitor knight knows he is false. The outside world cannot tell the difference. Therefore, to walk the path of the true knight, cultivate honour, not reputation.

It seems to me that Colin has nailed the issue and defined the poser in chivalric terms. So the question becomes why am I doing this? Because it is right or because I want a good reputation?

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Bilbo Viltonius

Thanks for your wonderful words. I think I'll keep see this video many and many times, again and again, because you are so inspiring me. Patrik, you are great, and it is a honour to have you as my mentor.

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