So yesterday they changed all the windows in my apartment, which is a good thing. The draft through the windows that we cannot open properly is horrible.

But once again I am foiled by Latvian work ethic. The workers promised me as they started out that they would close the doors to the rooms as they where working which as soon as we left they did not. So all the stuff I had placed in the hallway safely away from the dust was covered, including computers. But that is not the worst. When I came back up I saw that the dust cover was of all the stuff in the kids room, so all the toys, the girls clothes, beddings EVERYTHING is completely covered with construction dust!

When I asked the workrs about these things they laughed at me. Said that it wasn’t their problem. Furious I left the flat so wouldn’t say or do anything stupid. I then got on the phone and called the Salvation Army As I live in their house and am a missionary in their care, their response was deal with it as you see fit. No help there then.

I spent the night on the church floor and now I am hunting for a proffessional cleaner to help out, if I do it myself it will take at least two days if not more to clean it out. Thank God Hanna and the girls are in Croatia.

*sigh*, Oh well rant over. Christ IS Lord today as well, I WILL rejoice and be glad in Him!


2 responses to “Oh noes, not again!”

  1. Björn F Avatar

    Oh…… DEAR! That’s just…. horrible! I hope you have found someone to clean it all out… and that the manager of that construction company is informed of the status of his employers and the value of good customer service.

  2. Patrik Olterman Avatar

    Well I can’t get anyone to clean before Friday! And as for telling the company, well they are informed and promptly informed us back that cleaning and taking care of other peoples things are not part of their responsibilities, they only switch windows.

    I also switch windows a lot, but when I install Ubuntu on a windows drive, I don’t randomly scatter the poor users files around the hard drive costing them hours of clean up, but as I am told this is Latvia….

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