• Today is the day ….

    Today is the day ….

    At two o’clock today we will commence our appointments consultation. Trying to be prepared is very hard as we do not know what to prepare for, so if you have the time, pray for us on this very important day. I have woken up every half hour through the night and Hanna has unfortunately contracted…

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  • Reflecting on our upcoming appointment

    Reflecting on our upcoming appointment

    Tomorrow is the day when we find out what the Salvation Army has planned for our future. People keep asking me if I have figured out where we are going (like there where only one or two possible choices). But at last glance in the dispo there where about 160 corps to choose from and…

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  • Armylife impossible!

    Armylife impossible!

    I have the theme tune of mission impossible playing in my mind constantly, and have all sorts of bizarre scenarios of what Saturdays consultation will be like. Most of them have some sort of feel of Mission Impossible or any other secret agent movie. I am reminded of the chapter in Brian Mclaren’s The Secret…

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  • In preparation of our orders – Army life

    In preparation of our orders – Army life

    So having spent nearly two years being told that we are going to be told where to go, we are now given a consultation where we have to reply to our appointment. It is a scary thing to be responsable for such a big decision especially after you have been lulled into the false security…

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  • Distractions – canon fodder

    Distractions – canon fodder

    Trying to put my mind on essays is very hard right now as all I can think of is the upcoming appointment on Saturday. So I try to distract myself in any way I can. Enter Multiwinia. It is mindless stick-man slaughter, but in the age of post-modernism one has to ask what about stick-man…

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  • Patience


    Pa-tience [‘pā sh ens] noun. 1. The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. 2. chiefly British term for solitaire As we are still waiting to find out about where we are going to be posted we find ourselves living in the twilight zone. It is a place…

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  • Twentyfour – seven – five

    Twentyfour – seven – five

    We have started 24-7-5 prayer here at WBC which means 24/7 prayer on 5 continents by the Salvation Army Cadets and colleges. I had my second session in the prayer room last night and just as the first session the hour flew by like no time at all. It was like I hadn’t prayed for…

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  • Advent


    So this is Christmas….. Christmas music pouring out of my speakers, christmas lights appearing in window after window around us and Advent koinonia at the college. One thousand and one sermons about waiting. It seems that no matter how old we all get, we are all holding our breath until Christmas eve (well Christmas day…

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  • iPod guy

    iPod guy

    I was told last week that the “iPod Generation” consists of people ages 18-34. This disqualifies me since i turned 35 last wekk. What am I to do then when my wonderful wife bought me a brand new iPod nano, a red one? Well I guess the least I can do is make a cartoon,…

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  • Easter and essay madness

    Easter and essay madness

    As time marches on we struggle to meet deadlines on essays and collectaneas and other assignments. If we are not working on an assignment then we are preparing a sermon or a meeting plan. The assignments range widely between biblical studies, pastoral care and mission studies. Because of the difference in subject the styles of…

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  • Lent, placements and essays

    Lent, placements and essays

    It has been a few really hectic weeks here at WBC, as the officer training course relentlessly moves, we try our best to keep up with the demands of full time academic studies. We are handing in work every Friday (or Thursday if it is a preaching for placement) and it seems we will continue…

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  • Sacrifice


    The next leg of our Journey has begun and the essay race is back on, we are constantly looking for new ways to study more efficiently and to coordinate our reading with our essay writing….

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  • Very good indeed

    Very good indeed

    As time marches on here at William Booth College we are finally getting some of our papers back. Overall we are both doing good but I think that for Hanna the highlight of the month was getting our new testament papers back. I managed to write a “very good” essay while Hanna’s came back as…

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  • Language and Spirituality

    Language and Spirituality

    One could imagine with a title like that, that this was going to be a real serious post… But alas it is not! Hanna has always wondered how she would do if we where to go as missionaries to Croatia seeing that she doesn’t speak ‘church‘ in Croatian as it turns out we are both…

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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    It’s raining in London. I wish I had some snow to go with my Christmas tree. The girls are going nuts in the apartment with all their new toys, Angelina stealing Anja’s Christmas presents and vice versa. Still trying to realize that it was just a few months ago we moved in at William Booth…

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  • On the discipline of prayer

    On the discipline of prayer

    There’s a lot of talk about silent prayer and personally I have always found it hard to pray silently. It’s not that I think praying silently is wrong, I just consider it a higher discipline. I don’t know about you but most of the time when someone asks you to bow your head and take…

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  • Field 5

    Field 5

    The pressure is constantly on here at college, but some students, who shall remain nameless to protect the “Innocent“, have excelled in field five. Field five is the study of pranks and practical jokes. So far only tutors have been targeted but who knows where this will lead?! Todays comic is somewhat of an inside…

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  • On uniforms

    On uniforms

    Uniforms are obviously discussed a lot, what to wear, when to wear it. Going caroling there have been a bit of confusion about the storm jackets that prompted this cartoon. Please do leave a comment if you enjoyed it (or if you didn’t)

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  • College Bluez

    College Bluez

    College seems to be getting on everyones nerves, including mine. I think the biggest issue is the fact that there is precious little time for us to reflect, digest and contemplate all that is being said in class and not the actual fact that we are taught many things that turn our beliefs up side…

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