Armyguy-014-2008 As time marches on we struggle to meet deadlines on essays and collectaneas and other assignments. If we are not working on an assignment then we are preparing a sermon or a meeting plan.

The assignments range widely between biblical studies, pastoral care and mission studies. Because of the difference in subject the styles of the essays differ greatly. And for us who have never written any work at this level (and doing it in a second, or in Hanna’s case, third language) It is really hard to differ between a critical evaluation, personal reflection or a theological reflection.

The last two weeks have been the most pressured since we got to WBC and that is saying a lot. To add to our workload we will be organizing Easter at Woking.

As placements go we have been extremely fortunate.

We had a fantastic time during our social placement at Springfield Lodge. Our Sunday placements are going well at Lewisham and we have been asked to do our summer placement at Southwark corps here in London. The next placement apart from Easter at Woking is going to be our corps placement in Catford. Please pray for us so that we can get as much out of this even though we will have to juggle the children between usfor the week.

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