LentIt has been a few really hectic weeks here at WBC, as the officer training course relentlessly moves, we try our best to keep up with the demands of full time academic studies. We are handing in work every Friday (or Thursday if it is a preaching for placement) and it seems we will continue to hand in one major piece of work every week until June (not counting the week of in April, but that is quickly countered by us having to hand in twice in some weeks).

But we did get a breather for a few days as we wen to Latvia for the Nordic cadet training weekend. It was nice to meet our Danish friends again and make new friends among Danish, Norwegian and Finnish cadets.

The weekend was held at a nice hotel in Jurmala and we celebrated our mini vacation (Yes, we actually had classes but we enjoyed them) by going to a spa. Angelina loved it and was soon swimming like a fish with only armbands to help her float.

We paid for our leisure when we got pack as we had two days to finish of our mission essay and then after placement in the weekend only three nights to finish the second NT essay. Today we handed in the last one and now we are taking a deserved night of.

It has been non stop work (except the one evening where I played frets on fire for a whole hour) so the thought of giving up essay writing for lent is a real temptation.

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