So our car has been unusable since the last breakin and now we really have to get to fixing it! So today we towed it of to the mechanics shop to get it repaired. The first assesment is that getting the car up to par (so that it will pass swedish inspection and therefore so that our insurance will be valid) is that this will cost us 300 Lvls (approx. 600 USD or 5000 SEK). This is money we simply do not have.

Therefore we appeal to those of you who at any point said you would support our ministry, help us fix the car, so that we can freely move about in Latvia. It is especially important now that I have started travelling almost every week, and also it is important for our economy that we actually drive to the big stores and shop instead of running to the local supermarket.

If you can help us you’ll find the bank details here.

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