T minus 6 hours and counting

So today is travel day, tonight we sleep at a hotel at stanstead airport and tomorrow morning we move in at WBC.

It seems unreal that we are not heading back to Latvia after our little mini vacation. London, in my mind at least, has a kind of mythical quality to it, like it is a place in Faerie which only exists  in the reflection of the first ray of sunlight on a drop of dew.

I am terrified, excited, sad, confused and anxious all at the same time ….. what will it be like, well stay tuned ….

The vacation has been god apart from my injury and a touch of a stomach flu the last two days. I was supposed to do a dive yesterday but since my stomach had decided against it I had to stay home. So no diving at all this year.

Right now we are packing and getting ready to leave, pray that the journey goes well (Ryan Air) and that the girls won’t catch the flu.

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