Do you need faith in god to be a knight? The question was asked on my youtube channel. The simple answer is yes and no!

You must have faith to be a knight! Faith is one of the Knightly virtues and there can be no Knighthood without faith. How will you be able to believe in a greater good without faith, how can you choose love and the high road when all you see is selfishness hatred and the low road. It takes faith!

Now having said that I also must point out that for me faith is not simply answering the question: “is there a god?” No for me god is a reality I live in, it is to real to require any faith on my part. It’s an irrefutable fact in my life. Faith for me is to trust god in the little things, to trust that he loves me when I can’t love myself. To trust that he will forgive me when I don’t feel I can forgive myself. To trust that he listens when I cannot feel his presence and to trust that he speaks when I cannot discern his voice.

It requires faith to trust god, to trust other people and to trust that the world can be better than it currently is. It requires faith to believe that the world IS more than meets the eye. Not everything is as it seems. There is magic in the world, and wonder it requires faith to believe that and to see it.

Yes you must have faith to be a Knight. Maybe you do not need faith in god, maybe all you need is faith in love (God is love) or faith in truth (I am the truth) or faith in life (I am the life) or faith that you are walking the right way (I am the way) even though everyone is walking in the other direction. Aslan says in C.S. Lewis, the last battle, You cannot serve virtue and not serve me!

So you cannot e a good Christian without walking the path of knighthood and if Lewis is right, then you cannot walk the path of true knighthood without becoming a good Christian.

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