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GraceGrace, it’s such a beautiful concept. Grace an (undeserved) gift freely given. We read in the scriptures that god loved us before we knew about god, before we saw god, before we had our first god experience.

God’s grace is scandalous, outrageous and completely free, for EVERYONE. There are NO exceptions! There are no conditions, nor rules to follow, no magic prayer to pray, no special ritual or spiritual hoops to jump through. You are loved! God’s grace is there for you, no matter who you are, where you are from, what you believe, whom you love, what you have done, what you are going to do!

The whole thing about unconditional love is that there are , funnily enough no conditions. No if’s no buts, only love.

This makes grace not only all encompassing and scandalous it makes it as Brennan Manning said, downright vulgar. It is grace given freely to the worst, most evil without hesitation or condition.

And now all the pharisees have awoken and scream at the top of their lungs, such outrage, you are peddling cheap grace!

As if! There is nothing cheap about unconditional love or unconditional grace. In fact in my experience there is nothing that is so costly as grace given to everyone regardless, loving the ones that clearly are not interested or throw that love back in your face. The road of judgement and conditional love is easy, the road of unconditional love, love in the face of brutality, greed, hostility, contempt, now that is a hard road that will cost you everything. To love people even though they mock you, hurt you, even though they crucify you, seems to be the way of the divine. Love and grace with absolutely no exceptions!

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