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We talk about love a lot, we say that: God is love! The scriptures say it over and over again, they even say that unless you are in love, saturated with love, bubbling over with love, you are not with god. And so we realise that love is necessary, it’s a fundamental part of our Christian faith and lives.

But among all this love talk, how much and how deeply do we actually love? Again in church we teach that love is a verb, love is action, love is giving to those in need. I agree with all of this but also realise that all those actions can be taken without love. It can be done for a myriad of different reasons some related to love and others not.

So among all this love talk and good deeds, I want to ask with the words of the profetess Fergie: Where is the love?

Love is not a theory, but it also is not an action. Love is a reality that we inhabit. Love is our origin, our home and our destiny. Love is what is at the core of our beings when we search for the divine, we find it in love. Love is not something we can accidentally fall in or out of, it is not something that is sparked by good looks or even a beautiful soul. LOVE IS! At the center of everything there is love and when we understand that we are all connected in and through this love, then we will understand that love is not what we feel, not what we think, not what we do, but what we are!

Only love is real!

So how do we enter this reality, or rather how do we wake up to this reality? We must practice love. We must practice slowing down and finding the depth and core of ourselves (so we can find that love within) and then we must reach out and touch the people around us, embrace them, cuddle them, kiss them, love them (so that they can be touched by love from without). And then we need to make love, lots of it, in all our conscious interaction each action should make love, generate love and grow love. Lets stop talking, start making love with ourselves and the people around us and watch the love grow exponentially!

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Yes! LOVE it… Thank you. I have some fear writing about the more spiritual stuff on my blog, I have this idea that I need to keep in practical so everyone can relate to it, but I’m inspired by what you write and hope to embrace my own spirituality also in writing. 🙂

And the words ‘making love’ can mean something as simple as holding hands, letting love flow between two people in a platonic way. Feeling a energetic connection…. Or offering support to someone we care about…. And as for sex, many people do that without any love at all! So it’s about embracing the attitude of being in love with life, and making love with life, in whatever way moves you most naturally.

This reminds me of some of my favourite writings on love, from one of my favourite books, ‘Emanuel’s Book’.
(I have to read it one sentence at a time lest I explode with joy)

“You will not exhaust the Love in the universe
if you were to absorb it from now until the end of time.
Love is all that exists.
Love is the universal communication.
All matter is formed by Love.
What did you think was spinning your planet, if it wasn’t Love?
Love requires no practice.
Love is.
One cannot practice is-ness.
One can, however, practice the decision to Love.”


Patrick how does one feel special in a rship like this, how does one feel walked with in sickness especially or anything difficult? Who will be there for the person when your partner if off satisfying attraction desires? How can one really feel held in sacredness when at any moment it could evaporate with the fleeting desires for others? Thank you for considering my questions


oh yes… Love is expansion of the being, so much so that we become one. Not only one with everything, but one within. It is the fabric of the universe.
And I love the way you used “making love”- indeed, not only the physical lovemaking, but also making love, creating love, making love happen with everything we think, everything we do, everything and everyone we touch…
Such an inspiring post! 🙂

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