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I don’t know about you but I hear a lot of hopelessness out there when I put my ear on the wire. The internet is buzzing with naysayers and doomsday prophets telling us that it is too late, that there is no hope left. We might as well just hold on and enjoy the ride into whatever cataclysmic disaster awaits us in the near future.

I am not trying to pull the wool over your eyes here, the situation is dire, the state of the planet is sadly really bad. There are wars and worldwide injustice being perpetrated and supported by both governments and economic powers beyond our reach. But this does not mean that all hope is lost.

To quote Galadriel (the elven queen in the Lord Of The Rings):

“Even the smallest person can change the course of history”

Disaster is not possible (dis/aster, to be disconnected from the stars). Stardust is what we are made of. We are all connected, we are all one. You are one with the stars that you gaze upon. You are one with the people with the power and the money and though you cannot change them, you can work on transforming yourself. This is why the spiritual work is so important. I need to wake up and be the person I was created to be, the person I always was and therefore already am. Because when I wake up and live out my glory and strength, I free other people to do the same. And more importantly if I change the whole changes, maybe not by much but at some point a critical mass will be reached and the world will change.

Do you know why there is hope? Because I have hope! Because I am actively working to find the divine source and you are reading about it. Maybe, just maybe that could inspire you to do the same. Who knows who else may be inspired by this.

While it is true that it really is in the eleventh hour and that we may not even be able to restoe the planet to it’s original state of health and glory there is still hope, because there is an initial aim, there is a divine plan and all we have to do is wake up and smell the Rooibos.

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