If you, like me sometimes close down your heart. Either knowingly or unknowingly. You also need to open back up. Personally I think this becomes a daily spiritual practice of opening up and staying open.

This can feel scary if you close down your heart because of heartbreak or other emotional trauma. Many people once hurt become not only closed down but also guard their hearts so closely. Staying closed because it can hurt so much staying open Here’s the catch though, once you close your heart, it is closed. Not only will you not get hurt by heartache, you will not feel much of anything and that is an injury far worse than any heart-break, disappointment or sadness.

If we aspire to live life fully, to have an abundance of life and suck the marrow out of life, we must open up our hearts and feel.

Some people seem to think that they will open their hearts once they find somebody they fall in love with or somebody worthy of their love, This attitude may very well be a recipe for disaster or at least a very lonely life. The thing is that love does not just happen, you do not fall in love like yo fall into a manhole you failed to see (although it sure can feel like that).

To find love, or to experience love you have to first love. That is the trick, if you open yourself and love others without expectation and without conditions, then love will grow in you and around you and as you are resonating with love (which is the divine source itself) you will attract love.

So how do we open up? First of all we need to want it, if we don’t want to be open we wont be. Once we want to me must intentionally choose to be open. We choose to love and to feel and to be present. Moment by moment. As you slowly, little by little open up, you will love more and be loved more and like that you will grow more and more open.

This is especially important if you are married and in a long-term relationship. You see, this is where it gets tricky. If I am in a long-term committed relationship I might out of fear of falling in love with someone else, choose not to feel my feelings towards people around me. I shut down attraction and love, I shut down my heart. Then I get surprised when my relationship seems to have less love, less attraction in it. This is why it is of vital importance to your relationship to keep your heart open and to be honest at least to yourself but preferably also to your partner about what you feel.

This requires courage, which means it requires heart (Coeur in french means heart, so courage means with heart) to dare to each day step into the arena and be vulnerable and open, to feel deeply whatever may come your way and to honestly communicate with your loved ones what is happening with you.

The reward of being open is to be alive, to feel deeply, to experience all the highs and lows of life and to live by, in and off divine love. experience it deeply each moment and to let it go and bravely face the next moment.

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