It is so frustrating to be in a foreign country. We are trying to sort out some internet connection and mobile phones which is proving to be extremely difficult unless you are a citizen.

You cannot get a phone without a credit rating, you cannot get a credit rating until you have had a bank account with incoming salary for at least three to six months and to top it of the banks I been into today tell me I cannot get a bank account until I lived in the country for six months. 

So, no internet for us until summer 2008. Which means no Skype, no phonecalls to Croatia or America. No contact with friends ….. The worst part was the phone warehouse who let me return with all my proofs of identity the second time and after three hours of processing (and I am standing with my new phone in my hand and already memorizing my new phonenumber) when they tell me oh sorry, no we can’t do this unless you have an English bank account.

I am an alien, I am a legal alien a Swedish man in London! 


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