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  • Redeeming Sex – Book review

    Redeeming Sex – Book review

    I just finished reading “Redeeming Sex” by Debra Hirsch. I was so excited when I picked this one up and I was hopeful that someone had finally published a book that dared to deconstruct and reconstruct sex from a biblical perspective. And it started out great showing the important and beautiful link between sexuality and […]

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  • The importance of play and silliness

    Sitting here and mulling over my many impressions and conversations at this weeks conference (Piratkyrkan bibel – 2012). One conversation keep coming back. Saturday night we had a small conversation about Glossolalia, speaking in tongues. It is my belief that everyone can speak in tongues, as I find it hard to believe Paul would express […]

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  • On the recent silence…

    So if you been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed the silence of late. There are many reasons for this. For one, I have been ill with strep throat although it is of course entirely possible to blog while you are ill. No the silence is due to the fact that […]

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  • The big masturbation post

    The big masturbation post

    Not so long ago I sat in a room with a group of young Christians, no longer teenagers but rather young adults. We where talking about the bible and Jesus. Was it possible that Jesus could have sinned and what does it mean that Jesus felt every human emotion, did he then lust? Masturbate? The […]

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  • Sex at dawn …

    I have just finished reading Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan. It may be the first time in a long while that I read a book that so persuasively and thouroughly deconstructs one of the often unspoken meta-narratives of our contemporary culture, namely the hetero-normative monogamy centred narrative of human sexuality. I also realize that this […]

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  • Jesus in drag

    Jesus in drag

    Why are you doing this? Why do you take such an interest in the LGBTQ and sexuality? The question has been asked of me many times. By my leaders, by the people in my congregation and by my family. In fact I think it was my brother who asked the million dollar question one day […]

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  • A recipe for more queer theology (or the shameless hat in hand post)

    Every now and then I post something like this. It is always with one tablespoon shame and a teaspoon of hope. It’s with a handful of trepidation and some good old fashioned fear thrown in for good measure. I read a lot, if you know me and hang out with me, then you know that […]

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  • A mythical childlike faith

    We have for some time, on my swedish blog, and in our corps, been excavating the Salvation Army’s doctrines. When you talk about the doctrines it easily becomes an abstract discussion far away from any reality we might live in. -Why should it be so complicated? -Why do we find out and know everything? The […]

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  • LGBTQ part 10 – Recommended reading

    Recommended reading Andrew Marin – Love as an Orientation – Elevating the conversation with the gay community. (Paperback – Amazon UK, Kindle International) Jay Bakker – Fall to grace – A Revolution of God, Self & Society (Hardcover – Amazon UK, Kindle international) Walter Wink – Homosexuality and Christian Faith: Questions of conscience for the churches  (Paperback – Amzon UK, Kindle […]

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