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  • Tree of life

    Tree of life

    The divine light filters down from the stars,into the fertile ground of our souls, seeding our innermost beings with love.The seeds that are growing, that has always been growing that will always growforms the tree of life ripe with precious fruit.As we reach up for the branches to the succulent fruits we know that the […]

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  • Life sings to me …

    Life sings to me …

    I am sitting at a small cafe looking out over a busy street. The sun kisses my skin and fills me with life, love and power. People are walking about busy with their own lives, their own stories. There is a pulse, a rhythm unfolding before me and I feel the flow.There is a harmony, […]

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  • Precipice


    Dreary darkness tightens around my heart. I feel the waves of lost emotion rolling in over the breakers, salty foam covering me. The full moon peers down from her perch, closer than ever drawing the waters out from the depths. It was a long time since I stood here on this precipice looking down into […]

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  • The kiss that never was

    The kiss that never was

    A kiss that never was burns brightly on my lipsLuscious lips filled with love and lifeBouncy Laughter leaps in my heart and soulPositive bouyancy builds, I soar.Carefully I hide my treasure away and in the darkI longingly I bring it to my lips again and again The kiss that never was.

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  • How could I not

    How could I not

    How could I not fall as I teetered at the brink of your soul How could I resist a heart as open as yours How could I not awaken at the gentle touch of your hand You uncovered my soul You read my deepest secrets as if they were written on my skin You sailed […]

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  • Loving the earth is not satanic

    Loving the earth is not satanic

    In the beginning when god began creating the heavens and the earths manifestations of god’s self of gods love, and god saw that it was good. And god created humans as embodied manifestations of gods consciousness, god’s glory and god’s love. God charged humanity to be stewards of the earth, to love it and care […]

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  • To be embraced …

    That you would embrace me That you would surround me your divine light That is bliss to me That you would surrender to my embrace That you would allow me to lead you in our dance That is to wondrous for words That you would look at me and smile That you would accept me […]

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  • This is my voice

    Recently at “Subverting the norm II” I was challenged by Katherine Sara Moody who took the platform together with some heavy hitters in radical theology and opened up with “as a woman and a theologian I am still looking to find my voice”. She made me reflect, and I think I have been reflecting on, […]

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  • The return of the blog

    After a long hiatus in blogging I have decided to warm up the keyboard and start blogging again. Any long term reader will immediately notice that the name of the blog has changed and with that maybe the direction of the blog as well. Personally I think the new name “Theopoetics” better reflect the direction […]

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  • Going about…

    I am preparing a teaching for tuesdays youth meeting at Metro. I have been asked to preach on time, how to plan it what to do with it. As I am exploring my Ideas of Gods time or the art of becoming, I ran across this fantastic poem written by [[Toyohiko Kagawa]], a Christian and […]

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  • Drown me in your Love

    Drown me in your Love Love me tlll I die Die from this world world of corruption corruption of Love Love me till I drown Drown in your Love

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