• Today I am angry

    Today I am angry

    I am angry at the person who picked up a gun and murdered all those people in Orlando, I am angry at all the people who thinks that any kind of violence is justified in any situation. I am angry at the Christians who think that anything could justify these horrific actions. It doesn’t matter […]

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  • I am Queer!

    I am Queer!

    I remember last time I walked with the pride parade in Malmö, I had walked the parade many times before but last time was special, it was the first time I felt that I was walking not just in solidarity, not just a straight ally but this time I was walking for myself. I was […]

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  • Coming out …

    Coming out …

    Yesterday was a bit of a coming out process for me. The minute after I hit the publish key on my blog post was filled with a sense of immense release and freedom followed by “Oh my god, what have I done?”. For a moment I thought maybe not so many people would read it […]

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  • Being queer – The censored post

    Being queer – The censored post

    This post was originally posted in september 2012 and taken of the blog that same month as requested by the Salvation Army national leadership. I am now reposting it as it was an important step on the journey. This post in itself was an experiment in being open, authentic and vulnerable. The post pushed a […]

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  • Redeeming Sex – Book review

    Redeeming Sex – Book review

    I just finished reading “Redeeming Sex” by Debra Hirsch. I was so excited when I picked this one up and I was hopeful that someone had finally published a book that dared to deconstruct and reconstruct sex from a biblical perspective. And it started out great showing the important and beautiful link between sexuality and […]

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  • Love is where the rubber meets the road …

    Love is where the rubber meets the road …

    I recently received the following IM from one of my soldiers in the corps. I can’t or don’t want to continue as a Soldier … I feel that I want to fall in love, love and feel loved back. Therefore I wan’t to become an adherent. Personally this is one of the most heartbreaking messages […]

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  • Jesus in drag

    Jesus in drag

    Why are you doing this? Why do you take such an interest in the LGBTQ and sexuality? The question has been asked of me many times. By my leaders, by the people in my congregation and by my family. In fact I think it was my brother who asked the million dollar question one day […]

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  • The centrality of sexuality

    Why is this such a big deal? Why does it matter? It should be a non issue! This is what both right wing and left wing, conservatives and liberals are saying all over the place. In churches people are taught that their sexuality, while important, is not essential. Sexuality does not define you, or who […]

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  • How I became a queer theologian a desert journey

    How I became a queer theologian a desert journey

    Last week my friend Samuel decided to reblog one of my posts on LGBTQ and the church. Promptly someone questioned if I really had written the piece as I had taught a very different gospel at said persons confirmation camp. I had to reply that I have been (am still) on a long theological pilgrimage. […]

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  • Meanwhile in another part of the Salvation Army

    The conversation is still going on. Johnny Laird (who kindly posted a blogpost about my article series on LGBTQ) reminded me of this excellent video segment from Just Salvos featuring an interview with Jay Bakker: I think the most important part of this video clip is the realigning of the LGBTQ issue from a sin issue […]

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  • LGBTQ part 12 – coming out

    Sitting here pondering and reflecting on some of the discussions that have come out of LGBT posts here on the blog. The first thing that strikes me is that there are so few persons leaving comments in relation to the high number of visitors. I think that fear may be a large factor, both for […]

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  • LGBTQ part 11 – Continued conversation

    Following many words and much wrestling with the scriptures, doctrines, and my own faith, I have come to find, that no matter how I read the biblical text, I can never escape from my commission to love the Lord with all my soul, with all my heart and with all my strength. And to love […]

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  • LGBTQ part 10 – Recommended reading

    Recommended reading Andrew Marin – Love as an Orientation – Elevating the conversation with the gay community. (Paperback – Amazon UK, Kindle International) Jay Bakker – Fall to grace – A Revolution of God, Self & Society (Hardcover – Amazon UK, Kindle international) Walter Wink – Homosexuality and Christian Faith: Questions of conscience for the churches  (Paperback – Amzon UK, Kindle […]

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  • LGBTQ part 9 – The Salvation Army

    The problem persists in the Salvation Army, of today. In which way can we include LGBTQ persons in our fellowship without creating groupings; an A team and a B team? How can the Corps offer (church) membership in the Salvation Army in a positive manner that allows LGBTQ persons to feel valued, appreciated and loved […]

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  • LGBTQ part 8 – Four possible approaches

    There are probably as many ways to approach LGBTQ issues as there are people with opinions. What follows is a summary of the second half of “One family’s story” written by Bishop Paul Wenner Egertson and found in Walter Wink’s book: Homosexuality and the Christian Faith (pages 28-30). Bishop Paul Wenner Egertson depicts four different approaches to […]

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  • LGBTQ part 7 – Pastoral care

    The LGBTQ issue has always created friction between the way we understand and interpret the Bible’s view of holiness and how we as pastors are to preserve order, caring for and counselling LGBTQ people. The greatest dichotomy is perhaps between whether we are called to “liberate” LGBTQ people or to have a conversation with LGBTQ […]

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  • LGBTQ part 6 – Double standards

    The church in general and the SA in particular (at least for the moment) in the aftermath of the Eyewitness News program “Cold Facts” – followed closely in FSAOF blog) is under constant attack from the public where the Church is called to account for the prevailing double standards and selective biblical adherence. There are […]

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  • LGBTQ part 5 – Jesus

    After a review of the scriptures that have traditionally been used to describe and condemn homosexual acts, it’s deemed important to consider Jesus’ awkward silence on the issue. It is not unimportant to note that Jesus did not speak out on this issue. Jesus is the head of the Church and the individual disciples’ headmaster. […]

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  • LGBTQ part 4 – Scripture

    Of course, one must carefully consider the scripture portions that deal with homosexuality. It may be interesting to take into account the fact that there are six Bible verses (three OT and three NT) and two Old Testament stories traditionally associated with homosexuality. Set this against the more than 600 Bible verses that talk about […]

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  • LGBTQ part 3 – Science

    Part 3 -2012 LGBTQ and Science Before moving to and delving into the depth of the biblical text, we might want to look at what science has to say on the GLBT issue, primarily to clarify the position (starting point) on which the following texts are based. An entire dissertation could be written on what science […]

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  • LGBTQ part 2 – Hermeneutics

    LGBTQ Part – 2   “ We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were given by inspiration of God, and that they only constitute the Divine rule of Christian faith and practice.“ These are the opening words of the Salvation Army’s eleven doctrines. And it is here that one must begin each theological […]

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  • LGBTQ part 1 – Introduction

    Part 1 – Introduction From the Swedish – HBTQ: Homosexual. Bisexual, Transgender, Queer movement in Sweden 2012

 It was an ordinary day (as if there are ordinary days for those who follow the Spirit’s leading), and the Holy Spirit tells Philip that he must go down to the desert road. There Philip is instructed to stay […]

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  • LGBTQ – Prelogos

    I have written an extensive blog series (12 posts) on my Swedish blog about LGBTQ issues within the church in general and the Salvation Army in Sweden in particular. I was undecided whether or not I should post it in english as well, but when Sven Jungholm asked last week if he could translate and post […]

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