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Yesterday was a bit of a coming out process for me. The minute after I hit the publish key on my blog post was filled with a sense of immense release and freedom followed by “Oh my god, what have I done?”.

For a moment I thought maybe not so many people would read it and it would pass by unnoticed but then it quickly became clear that was not going to be the case as my WordPress reported over and over again that I was generating high traffic on the site. After half the day we had hit highest statistics on any one day on my blog and by midnight we had doubled it.

All in all it was an empowering process, a few disdaining, cutting and negative messages but they where quickly drowned out by all the love and support of you, faithful friends, church members, family and blog readers, who have travelled with us on this journey. Thank you for all the love and support!

The hardest thing I think where the silence of a few key voices whom, I wished I had heard from yesterday.

Now that we are clear of the skeletons in the closet we can move on to announcing our future plans, so stay tuned and watch this space, because things are about to get exciting!

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