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It would be quite a rude thing to say in any situation but this came from somebody who is really close to the family. Not from someone who has read a blog post or two or a flimsy Facebook friends but we have never met acquaintance.

This is from someone who where among the first to know we where getting married and who was at our wedding 1999, someone who witnessed when we hit rock bottom at 2004 and someone who visited us in both Riga and London. Someone who has seen all our ups and downs.

The truth is we have never been better together. Never have we communicated so honestly, so clearly. Never have we connected so beautifully and powerfully in the bedroom. Never had we had so much fun and adventure in our lives.

Does this mean we are never down, that we never have an argument?Of course not! Just like any other couple we have disagreements and hurts. But now we have so many new tools to deal with them. For once in my life I can say that I am equipped to be in a relationship.

Honestly we where at the end of our marriage, we stood at the precipice of divorce and looked down at the rocky bottom and decided it was not worth the jump, we turned back and looked at the road we had been travelling on and saw that it ended here. Then we decided together to make a new path, a different path, one that would revive us both as a couple and individually. So keep your judgement to yourself, we are better of without it, in fact we are better of period. Maybe it is the end of our marriage (the way it used to be) but it is the beginning of our beautiful future.

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