God is love, the divine source of all. Eros is a fundamental aspect of that divinity.

“Eros is the outrageous love, which moves the sun and the stars, which is the very heart of existence itself.”

Marc Gafni – A return to Eros: The radical experience of being fully alive

When Eros flows in a person, out of a person, between people, it becomes a sacrament, a manifestation of divine Eros. Eros is part of what what makes us human and therefore a celebration of both the divine and human in us.

This is my love song to the divine. The light, the dark, the parts where I was confused and the parts where I believe I have touched on truth. It is my questions, and for what it is worth my answers to them.

Pirate Theology

When we step out in to the blue, aim for the horizon and leave the safe and known behind, when we take a stand to defend the commons then we become pirate theologians (with all the positive, or romanticized aspect of that image, and perhaps unfortunately, sometimes some of the negative).

Our purpose is not confrontation, or to somehow take over the establishment.

No, our purpose is to gather in these wild, lawless islands and live out: a rag-tag but true, lawless but loving, tradition-breaking, but not without tradition, or simply a radically different Christianity that does not actively threaten the normal Christian daily life in any other way than that it exist.

Queer Theology

“queer” refers to the erasing or deconstructing of boundaries with respect to these categories of sexuality and gender.

So in the sense of erasing boundaries, deconstructing societal norms of traditional marriage and relationships and sexuality, I am queer. I apply a queer philosophy to life and a queer theology to my spirituality.

“to ‘queer’ something is to turn convention and authority on its head. It is about seeing things in a different light and reclaiming voices and sources”

Patrik S. Cheng, “Radical Love”

This has been my practice, both in theology and theopraxi, on my spiritual path and in my everyday life.

Space station zero geek game board

Chez Geek

This is my personal blog and every now and then I blog about my more geeky projects and fandoms.

To be a geek is to be unashamedly and deeply passionate about something. That is to have a lot of Eros/passion for a subject.

So occasionally I write book reviews. Or write about boardgames, miniature wargaming and Roleplaying games.

There may also be the odd travel journal with diving reports.

And last but not least techno babbel.

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